Bigger Than Just Us


Robyn here!

This week has felt hard. No matter what your politics, it's easy to see how people around us are suffering, scared, and feel shaken lately. For many of us (Heather and I included), there is a feeling of dread at what is to come in the next few months and years. And with this dread, a feeling of urgency.

Lucky for us (and you!), we are knitters. We may not be the ones making policy, but we are the ones with two sticks and some string, and we can make a tangible difference!

Life has been hard these last fewmonths (the last year, really) for me, personally. Our little family has been going through a lot, and so I've hunkered down, pulled people close, and stepped back from so much ... this space included.

But now. Now I look at my son. At my daughter, with early intervention needs. At our potential loss of healthcare benefits (pre-existing conditions make that sort of thing scary). At all that the coming winter brings. And even though what I see for us is scary, I know that what others are facing is so much worse.

The weather in Nebraska has turned. It is cold, and there are people sleeping on the streets. People around the world are fleeing their homes, finding temporary shelter (maybe ...) in refugee camps. Afraid for their lives, their safety, their children. Thousands live on reservations in America, with substandard conditions. Babies are being born in hospitals around the globe into families with next to nothing. Parents are snuggling preemies in hospitals, scared out of their wits, unsure of what to do now.

The list goes on. A friend's son is going through chemo. A student's parents both just lost their jobs. There is a huge influx of homeless vets coming into our local VA outreach center.

It is overwhelming. It is breathtaking. And yet.

And yet.

We have some sticks, and we have some string. We can perform small miracles with these simple items, friends. We can weave love and hope and warmth together, and remind people that the world still has some good in it. We can be the light-bearers, the peace-bringers, the amplifiers of joy and strength in times of struggle and despair.

We Make. We Give. And We Repeat.