March: Gallatin Shawls For Pine Ridge Reservation

March has started already, but seeing as I've just finished knitting the Gallatin Scarf and already want to cast on another one, it seems like the perfect knit-along for the month!


The Gallatin Scarf, designed by Kris Basta, is perfect for charity makers for many reasons. First, it's free - which we all know is ideal when knitting items you're going to give away!

But more than that, this scarf is perfect for almost every type of charity knitter! Knit with worsted weight yarn on US size 10.5 needles (6.5mm), this is a quick knit that uses less than 200 yards of yarnfrom start to finish.

My favorite part of the Gallatin Scarf? You can make it with just about any fiber yarn you choose! I made my first one (pictured above) in acrylic, but you can make this scarf in wool, and even cotton!


The Pine Ridge Reservation, located in South Dakota, is one of the poorest places in America. With a 90% unemployment rate, people die incredibly young, and live their short lives in crazy terrible conditions. It makes me sad and angry that people live like this anywhere, but that it happens so close to home is especially hard to fathom.

There's a group on Ravelry that constantly donates items for the people living on the reservation, and they request items of all types, sizes, and for a variety of needs. Items can be made from ANY FIBER YOU CHOOSE, so long as you tag your items when you send them!


This month, we'll be focusing our efforts on the on-going women's shelter project for the reservation. In an area of extreme poverty and addiction, the women in the shelter have seenmore than I can imagine. By making a scarf in your choice of fibers, you are reminding these ladies that they are seen, they have value, they are loved.

Please knit your scarves with stash yarn, in any fiber you choose. Remember to tag them (we've got a MGR specific tag you can use if you want!) so folks know what they're made of, and then check with the Ravelry group for the shipping address!

And don't forget to follow along all month on Instagram (@makegiverepeat) as we make shawls to send! If you tag yours #makegiverepeat, they might even get featured on our feed!

The Year Of The Refugee

Robyn here.

For most of 2015, Heather and I have brought you charities and patterns, ways to combine them and help people close to you, and those across the world. It has been extremely amazing to watch this community grow as we've opened our hearts to those around us, and to the idea that we can use our needles and hooks for good.

Today is the first day of a new year, and with that newness comes a new focus for this space. As Heather and I have talked over the last few weeks and months, we've come again and again to the idea that, as much as it's great to have a huge database of charities and patterns at our disposal, what most knitters have been asking for is one simple direction.

Knit this, give it here.

In the face of so much need, all over the world, it can feel overwhelming to try to knit something and give it away. Where do you give the items once they've been knit? What is truly most needed? What pattern should I use on repeat, and with what yarn?

These are the questions we are asked most often, and so in 2016 we will begin to help you answer them. We will be focusing our knitting efforts on refugees, people with no homes. This may mean people in your neighborhood who are homeless, and this may also mean Syrian refugees.

Each month we'll be sharing about a specific need, and giving you a specific way to meet that need. In this way, we can focus as a community on meeting immediate needs in tangible ways, making the most difference with our knitting needles and crochet hooks. I'll be heading back here later tonight to share January's focus - it's a fun one, and for a hat knitter like me, a bit out of my comfort zone in all the best of ways!

Will you join us? We'd love for you to share your knitting projects across social media with the tag #makegiverepeat. This way we can band together as a community and put visuals to the work we are doing. We knitters are mighty, and we are kind, but so often we go unnoticed because we do not shout from the rooftops. It's time to start shouting, friends! We're here, and we're going to change the world, one knit and purl at a time!!


October Featured Pattern 1 - Cottage Cap

Pattern: Cottage Cap, by Heather Walpole

Suggested Yarn: Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Yarn

Suggested Needles: US 8 / 5.0mm

The Cottage Cap pattern was originally written for a knit-along Heather and I ran together in 2014. The pattern is perfect for charity knitting, as the stitches create a super soft and squishy hat that's perfect for men or women, and even kids and babies!

You can download the pattern for free from Ravelry, and we hope you want to make several sizes for our monthly charity feature!

Purple Stitch Project

Purple Stitch Project (PSP) is a web-based charitable organization to benefit babies, children and teens with epilepsy. The 1st goal of this initiative is a call to action for people who knit, crochet, or sew to make purple (the epilepsy awareness color) gifts for kids with seizure disorders. These gifts will serve as a reminder that they are not alone — that they have community support.


The Purple Stitch Project suggests a wide variety of items, from toys to beanies to blankets and more, all made in just about any fiber you'd like!! Check out their project instructions page for ideas!


Please send all finished knit, crochet and sewn items to:

Purple Stitch Project
9901 Brodie Ln, Ste 160 #268
Austin, TX 78748

If you’d like, you may also download to include with your item a “Made especially for youby___”, Purple Stitch Project gift tag. Click here to download!

Knit For Kids

Knit for Kids began in 1996 by Guideposts magazine as a way to send hand-knit or crocheted sweaters to children in need. Thanks to volunteer knitters, over half a million children have received something new for the first time in their lives. As children grow out of their sweaters, they often become cherished hand-me-downs to other children.

In 2009, Guideposts magazine turned the Knit for Kids program over to long-time partner World Vision in order to help even more children in need.


Knit For Kids prefers you use their patterns (available for free download here) for donations to their organization. They have sweater, blanket, and hat patterns available for both knitters and crocheters.


Knit for Kids
c/o World Vision
210 Overlook Drive
Sewickley, PA 15143

There is no need to insure or express ship your sweaters, caps or blankets. We accept knitted items all year! Please print a packing slip and include it inside your package.


Binky Patrol

Binky Patrol is an all-volunteer, national, non-profit organization making and distributing homemade blankets to children born HIV+, drug-addicted, infected with AIDS or other chronic & terminal illnesses, those who are abused, in foster care or experiencing trauma of any kind.

Our recipients are from 0-18.

Economic demographics, race, social status play no role in the decision of who gets binkies.  We simply check our local area shelters, hospitals, emergency foster care and other agencies to see who has the need we can help fill.

We encourage our chapters to build local community by seeking the "invisible kids" near them.  Those who have been forgotten, not been seen, not heard are the ones we seek to comfort.  Children and teens may experience trauma when a parent or sibling is ill or has passed away.  These children need binkies too - not just the ones in the hospital.  They need a gift - a reminder - that they, too are loved and thought of by someone who cares.


Binkies can be knitted, crochet, sewn, or tied fleece blankets. Sizes range from 3x3 to twin bed size, with occasional requests for 2x2 blankets perfect for preemies and strollers. Any pattern and color can be used!


Please use the website to find a Binkie Patrol group near your home, so your blankets can be donated locally! If you don't see a local chapter, binkies can be sent to the national headquarters, and will be distributed from there.

Susan Finch, Founder
PO Box 652
Beaverton, OR 97005

September Featured Pattern - Double Triangles Baby Hat

The Double Triangles baby hat pattern is a quick knit, perfectly suited for our September charity campaign - the design is perfect to knit for boy or girl babies. At right around 50 yards for the newborn size, you can bust through your leftover bits of yarn making baby hats for days without feeling bored! With our focus on babies all month, you can knit this hat in purple for the Click For Babies campaign or in any color you choose, which makes your hats perfect maternity ward donations!

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